Candyfloss Marshmallows
Today’s Valentine’s Day idea is a small overnight project! They are one of my favourites!
Prepare in the evening and wake up to something delicious in the morning.
Initially I planned to make white chocolate spheres and I did try on the weekend. But the filling (a white chocolate mousse) was a mess and the spheres were way to thick at the top. A spoon was useless… maybe a jackhammer would have helped, ha. So I decided to postpone that idea until I have figured it out.
Instead I present you my second ever batch of homemade marshmallows. Pink Candyfloss Marshmallows with lot’s of sparkles on them.
Candyfloss Marshmallows
Making them is pretty easy and they are so much better than shop bought marshmallows! Just be careful not to dust them too much. It sort of crusts over and it isn’t a very pleasant mouthfeel. That is also what I did wrong the first time. I dusted them a LOT, like snow during Winter in Norway! (I love Norway!)

This time I used it sparingly and at a few spots it was still to much! But I’m simply assuming now that this is normal. :)

Recipe Candyfloss Marshmallows

adapted from BBC Food


14 grams gelatine powder
450 grams caster sugar
1 teaspoon Candyfloss Flavouring
some oil
20 grams icing sugar
20 grams cornflour/-starch
pink food colour, Americolor Electric Pink
Hot Pink Disco Dust


20cm square tin
candy thermometer
baking paper

Combine gelatine and 100 ml cold water in a bowl and let it sit.
In a saucepan combine 175 ml cold water and sugar. Bring to a boil and stick the thermometer in. When it reaches 113 Celsius remove from the heat.
Transfer the gelatine to your mixing bowl and mix on the slowest speed.
Increase the speed and slowly pour in the sugar syrup. Let it mix on high until the mixture is very thick and glossy. Add the food colour and your flavouring.
With the oil grease your tin. Line it with the baking paper and grease that as well. Combine icing sugar and cornflour and lightly dust the tin.
Pour the marshmallow mix in the tin gently smoothing it down. Dust lightly again and cover the tin with clingfilm.
Leave to set for 2 hours or overnight.
Candyfloss Marshmallows