Double Chocolate Samosa
These double chocolate samosas are super easy to make and so delicious! You only need a handful of ingredients and you have a crowd pleaser! Crunchy, chewy and chocolatey! That’s definitely a success in my book!

For these double chocolate samosa all you need is a few sheets of filo pastry, Nutella, chocolate chips and marshmallows. Oh and some butter to brush the pastry sheets with. The marshmallows melted during the bake and they give the samosas some chewiness which I like. If that isn’t up your alley then just fill them up with lots and lots of chocolate!
Double Chocolate Samosa
I can totally see these working with chopped nuts, raspberries and chocolate (need to try!), jam or even savoury things like cheese! Endless options!
So next time you have some filo sheets left over like I did try making some sweet samosas!
If you need help folding them because you might be as clueless as I was (yeah, I had no clue how to fold them) watch this video: click for video
It shows clearly how to fold and where to put the filling.
Double Chocolate Samosa Double Chocolate Samosa

The recipe can be easily doubled. Two sheets of filo pastry are plenty for 6 small samosas. I will definitely make more as I still have loads of filo sheets left!

Recipe Double Chocolate Samosa

Yields 6

2 store-bought filo pastry sheets
dark chocolate chips
mini marshmallows
melted butter, for brushing
sharp knife
baking tray & paper


Preheat you oven to 180 Celsius. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Put aside.

Take one sheet filo and lay it out in front of you. Cut three strips each about 8cm width (it depends how big your filo sheets are). Put two strips to the side. Brush one strip of filo with a little bit of butter (don’t drench it in butter!). Using a teaspoon spoon a little bit of the Nutella in the bottom right corner of the filo. Add chocolate chips and marshmallows. Now carefully fold it over to the left so it creates a triangle. Fold again upwards continuing to make triangles. When you get to the top of the pastry strip gently tuck the leftover filo sheet in the triangle. If the leftover pastry is a bit too long cut it off with a sharp knife. Repeat with the rest of the strips.
Bake the samosas for 10 to 12 minutes until slightly golden. The marshmallows will melt so don’t worry if it starts oozing out.
Leave to cool for a few minutes as the centre will be really hot! Enjoy warm.
Double Chocolate Samosa

Have you ever tried filo or even sweet samosas?