Quick and easy tutorial for Ombre Macarons.
Ombre Macarons
Today I want to share a quick and extremely easy tutorial/ step by step guide for the Ombre Macarons I posted on my Instagram (@ohsprinkles) yesterday.
The idea for Ombre Macarons came out of the blue. I have never seen any before and a search on Pinterest didn’t bring much up either which is surprising since it is so easy.

And the best thing: You only need a few things to customise and give your macarons a beautiful touch. Food dust colour and a dusting brush! That’s it.

I used a dusting brush by Wilton which is a lot thicker and softer than other food brushes. This helps blending the food dust.
Don’t sweat if you don’t have one: you can also use a square flat brush.
Ombre Macarons

You will need:

Macarons (find recipes in my recipe index)
food dust colour (e.g. SK Purple Food Dust)
dusting brush (e.g. Wilton Dusting Brush Set)

The best way to start and to control the amount of colour on the brush is to put a little bit of the dust colour on a piece of kitchen paper.
Ombre Macarons
Load the brush with a bit of the dust colour, hold the macaron sideways up and gently brush the color on the outer edge of the macaron. Since we are going for an ombre style the colour will be darker on the edge and lighter towards the middle. You don’t want to start in the middle here as the colour will be too strong (unless you want dark in the middle and lighter towards the edges).
Lightly brush the sides going about halfway up.
Ombre Macarons
Once you are happy with the intensity of the colour you can start blending the colour towards the middle. Pick up more dust colour if needed and sweep from the edge towards the middle again.
Ombre Macarons
And voila! Easy, right?
Ombre MacaronsOmbre Macarons

Let me know if you try it and tag me on Instagram (@ohsprinkles).