S’mores Macarons

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S’mores Macarons – A twist on the classic and loved campfire treat in a macaron. Fluffy, burnt marshmallow with a smooth chocolate ganache and cookie crumbs. It has been awhile since I experienced a campfire… probably 20 years (this sounds like a really long time… I must be getting old.). Since I grew up in […]

Filled Chocolate Oreo Donuts

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Filled Chocolate Oreo donuts with Oreo cream, crushed Oreos and shiny chocolate glaze (and even more Oreos). Whenever I make something with Oreos the entire kitchen smells of them. When I take the photos for the blog and Instagram the Oreo scent is wafting up to my nostrils and I want to shove them all […]

Vanilla Caramel Cupcakes

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Soft vanilla caramel cupcakes filled with sticky caramel sauce and decorated with a pastel vanilla bean buttercream and pink nonpareils. A hit with every caramel lover. I have this little addiction to caramel, homemade or store-bought. I don’t really mind as long as it tastes of caramel and is sticky. Of course homemade caramel tastes […]

Creme Egg Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Frosting

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Creme Egg Cupcakes that are soft, chocolatey and hide a Creme Egg in the chocolate sponge. The perfect treat for Easter. If you aren’t one of the lucky people to have a Cadbury Outlet Store nearby where you can buy Creme Eggs most times of the year then you need to make the most out […]

Chocolate Peanut butter Macarons

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These chocolate peanut butter macarons are pure comfort food! Chocolatey, sweet and a tiny bit salty. I admit I have gone a bit crazy with macarons lately. Tired of macarons? Not me! I love them! Their Reputation precedes them but I find they are so worth the effort (and practice). It is quite rewarding when […]

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